International Management for Non-Business Graduates

In three semesters you will be trainded to become an executive with management functions –
the ideal preparation for your career: Your studies will be as practice-oriented as possible and you will expand your knowledge in the important fundamentals of business administration and also train your soft skills, such as communication or intercultural competence.

Order of Study


The focus in the preparatory semester is on classical business administration content:

• Marketing Strategy and Planning
• Financial Accounting
• Principles of Human Resource
• Methods of Statistics

This semester provides you with ideal preparation for the business content in the subsequent semesters of your Master's programme. Here you can become acquainted with your later specialisations.

After you have successfully completed the preparatory semester, you are well prepared for the subsequent four-semester Master programme in International Management.


In the first semester you will expand your specialisation in your chosen programme:

• International Marketing
• Hospitality Management
• Accounting & Finance
• IT Management
• Big Data Management



This semester is all about completing your studies by writing your Master Thesis as an independent scientific paper for solving a management task under expert supervision of professors and lecturers.

• Master Thesis
• Colloquium

The courses are held in lecture and seminar format. There are about 30 students per class – this encourages dialogue between professors and students.