Combine your passion for cooking with a Bachelor degree

The dual study model has proven to be extremely successful – as a perfect blend of theoretical studies and practical experience. In Germany dual programmes have delivered 97% employability for graduates and have shown a 500% growth rate in the past 8 years. Much of this success rests on the high standards we set for our faculty, our active-learning approach and curricula with practical relevance, as well as consistent corporate feedback from our corporate network.



Your Benefits

  • You receive an attractive salary from our corporate partner, which usually finances your tution fees.
  • You study in small groups and have personal contact to lecturers.
  • IUBH study guidance advises you in detail, establishes the contact with your future employer and accompanies you througouth your studies.
  • You boost your career to the next level while gaining more practical experience and get your Bachelor degree.

Your Profile

You are a trained chef with very good English language skills who would like broaden your mind with a Bachelor degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management but without giving up on practical experience?
Then our Study & Work programme is the perfect fit four you: During winter terms you study at our campus in Killarney and from April to September you work as a chef in one of Killarney's renowned hotels to set your creativity free.

Matching process with IUBH support

When looking for the right company for your practical employment, you are not on your own. We actively support you in finding a company in the region of Killarney. We can draw on a well-developed network and cooperate with numerous practice partners, who have free places for our students.

Employability: The key issue for international students

Research results are impressive: International students are increasingly keen on gaining skills with practical relevance so that they can find employment directly after graduation. Worldwide, IUBH is one of the leading universities in terms of corporate partnering for dual studies and is the best place in terms of ensuring employability. Given the dynamic of the hotel industry, there are plenty of opportunities for challenging jobs and great careers.