Dublin - Tradition meets new economy

Starting from fall 2019 IUBH offers international master's programmes in Dublin. The lively capital of Ireland, is multicultural and a very popular destination for tourists, students and business. The renowned Irish hospitality attracts many young and open-minded people from around the world. Beyond friendliness, Ireland is a safe country. In 2014, the Global Peace Index ranked Ireland the 13th most peaceful place on Earth. Second most attractive country globally for foreign direct investment and European hub to over 1,000 leading multinational companies, Ireland and its capital Dublin are equally a much sought study destination for international students.

Inspiring feel-good atmosphere

IUBH Campus Studies located in Dublin* invites you to study in an modern atmosphere. Dublin is cosmopolitan, very multicultural, has a lively nightlife and attracts many young, open-minded people. At the same time, the city is the economic center of various industries, for example, many European banks and insurance companies have their branches here. Finally yet importantly, Dublin is a place where you are close to the rest of Europe, be it the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Big Ben in London.

*in the process of gaining accreditation

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“At our Dublin Campus the IUBH Master programmes in International Business, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, IT or Leadership will offer students the possibility to learn the management competencies and skills necessary to succeed in today´s international business environment, while enjoying the possibilities Dublin offers as one of the most economically active and fastest growing cities in Europe. Students will also have the option to conduct part of their program in IUBH Germany, this gives them the opportunity of learning from both the Irish and the German business cultures and allows them to gain a competitive edge in today´s job marketplace.”
— Diego Telkamp, Director International Recruitment