The City of Dublin

Much more than Leprechauns and Stout

Instable weather, green goblins and, of course, Guinness: This is what Ireland is known for all over the world. However, the country and its capital Dublin have much more to offer. Dublin is cosmopolitan, very multicultural, has a lively nightlife and attracts many young, open-minded people. At the same time, the city is the economic center of various industries, for example, many European banks and insurance companies have their branches here. Finally yet importantly, Dublin is a place where you are close to the rest of Europe, be it the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Big Ben in London.

Vibrant and cosmopolitan Dublin

Dublin is a vibrant European capital city. Blending a high-energy, multinational professional culture with traditional Irish warmth and hospitality, it has elegant parks, cosy cafés and quirky restaurants for the daytime, with classic pubs, fashionable clubs, music gigs, comedy shows and theatre by night.

During your time at IUBH, you can take advantage of Ireland’s relatively compact size to explore the country’s rich culture and heritage and make visits to historical landmarks and scenic beauty throughout the country.

Dublin as business location

As well as being the location of the national parliament and most of the civil service, Dublin is also the focal point of media and culture in the country. Ireland's transportation network radiates from the city and Dublin Port is responsible for a large proportion of Ireland's import and export trade.

The city is home to a number of multinational corporations, including in "hi tech" sectors such as information technology, digital media, financial services and the pharmaceutical industry. Dublin is also the location of the headquarters of several large Irish public companies, utility companies, educational institutions, most of Ireland's higher courts and several teaching hospitals. Further notable sources of employment include tourism and retail.