Health Insurance in Ireland

Health insurance is mandatory in Ireland. All IUBH students are required to have a sufficient health insurance for the complete duration of their studies in Ireland. Due to IUBH regulations you can only be enroled if you can prove medical insurance coverage.

Health Regulations for EU Students

Citizen from EU in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to public health services in Ireland. The EHIC card can be acquired by the health authorities in your home country. For more information and details on your entitlements to healthcare while studying in Ireland, please have a look at the European Health Insurance Card website.

Health Regulations for Non-EU Students

Non-EU students have to be in possession of a private health insurance due to the regulations of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau (INIS). For further information on the Irish public health care system have look at HSE (Health Service Executive). 

If you acquire a medical insurance in your home country, you have to make sure that it is valid in Ireland. There are different types of private health insurance available. Students are advised to read their insurance documents carefully. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau requires that, if you are in possession of health insurance from your home country it must cover you up to €25,000 for in-hospital treatment.

Basic health insurance is available for approximately €130 from Study and Protect. This private health insurance policy will satisfy the visa/immigration requirement and can be acquired before arrival in Ireland. For further information on this insurance please visit the Study and Protect website.

More private insurance plans are available from one of the three main health insurance companies in Ireland: Laya Healthcare, AVIVA or VHI. In order to apply for a health care from one of these companies you have to provide an Irish address. Due to long waiting periods (usually twenty-six weeks), please ensure to apply in a timely manner to have insurance coverange by the time of arrival.