The City of Killareny

Experience Ireland as in the picture book

A spectacular natural landscape, historic buildings and the Irish sense of life - Killarney has many different facets. Here you live and study in a unique atmosphere at the foot of Macgillycuddy's Reeks, the highest mountain range in Ireland. If you want to experience Ireland as in the picture book, here you are right. Corresponding to its breathtaking landscapes, the city sets a clear economic focus on tourism. Every year, Killarney is home to many summer visitors, more than a million people for example visit the Killarney National Park each year. After your studies, you will find very good career opportunities in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Big variety in Killarney

Killarney is a lively city that has more to offer than shamrock and shillelaghs (the Irish trefoil and traditional wooden walking stick). Whether you prefer Boxty - a traditional Irish potato pancake - or bruschetta, want to applaud an Irish-American cabaret or listen to Hip Hop and Grime, like to relax in a five-star hotel or rather bike some kilometers to a cottage and enjoy a well-earned Guinness there: The city offers various possibilities.

Killarney as Irish Tourism hotspot

Tourism is by far the largest industry in Killarney. With the exception of Dublin, there are more hotel beds in Killarney than in any other Irish town or city. Many visitors are attracted by Killarney National Park, where you can find Ireland’s highest mountain, fascinating lakes, forests and the Torc waterfall. In Killarney also starts the Kerry Way, a 200 km long hiking tour, which takes you about eight days. Easier walks are the forest trails around Ross Castle or the four-hour loop around Lake Muckross. Furthermore, the city offers a wide range of hotels, pubs and restaurants and is famous for its horse-drawn carts operated by local coachmen.

Our Killarney study programme Hotel and Restaurant Management perfectly corresponds to the strong tourism and hospitality focus of the region.