Living and Working in Killarney

How is life in an Irish tourism hotspot? Employees from the local hospitality industry report on their experiences in Killarney:


Living Expenses

Based on estimates the costs to live as a student for one academic year (nine month) range between €10,000 and €15,000 depending on the type of accommodation chosen. Costs include rent, electricity, food, books, laundry as well as travel passes and social expenses, but exclude tuition fees.
Rent is likely to be the largest item of your living costs but prices vary greatly depending on the type of accommodation.
The cost for rent vary between €400 per month for a shared room and €900 upwards, for a modest self-contained flat.
HOW MUCH WILL I HAVE TO SPEND ON FOOD? For food you will spend probably between €70 and €100 a week, including some meals bought in cheaper restaurants. The full range of Irish and International supermarkets have stores in the town, so a wide range of quality fare is available at competitive prices.
HOW MUCH ON AVERAGE WILL I HAVE TO SPEND ON TRANSPORT? Our Killarney campus is in the very centre of our bustling town, and close to our planned available accommodation sites, from 50 meters away, to a max of 2.7 kms. Killarney town is generously peppered with numerous restaurants, cafés, fast food outlets, cinema, concert venues & nightlife, so transport around town is rarely required. Taxi ranks operate. There are intercity buses operating to the main towns & cities of Ireland. Killarney train station is located beside the bus station, just off Town Centre, and has up to 8 trains a day to Dublin ,Cork, Limerick & towns en route. Kerry Airport is 15 kms from Killarney. Bicycle shops, and bicycle hire shops are plentiful, so your routine transport costs would be minimal, if any.
*The information on this section is taken from the website of the Irish Council for International Students

Student accommodation


Student specific accommodation

IUBH have presently got exclusive agreements with a variety of options, from a IUBH house where we have 8 rooms, en suite, desk & common areas, self-catering in a quiet & scenic spot 2.7kms from High St. and adjacent to supermarket, medical centre etc, with a contracted taxi service & rate.  We also have individual rooms in town centre (50metres from Campus!), as well as a home-from-home option, where students have a private room in a carefully vetted family home.

Search for a shared accommodation yourself:

You can consult our preferred supplier for a wide range of apartments: mail, or phone him on 00353 64 6631720, or mobile 00353 87 4000100.  There are several property suppliers in Killarney who would discuss rental.

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