Getting ready for your 1 year Master

Aptitude Test TASC

The TASC examination is used to determine if you have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pursue the IUBH degree programme to which you are applying. Preparatory study materials are available on our myCampus learning platform to all candidates who will be taking the test. The materials include further literature references and detailed instructions that make it possible to work, for the most part, independently in preparation for taking the test.

How is the TASC exam structured?


The TASC exam has three parts:

  1. A written scientific research paper in academic format
  2. A written case study analysis in academic format
  3. An oral presentation and discussion of results (colloquium)

The written research paper must meet the following criteria:

  • Elaboration and written analysis of a question that is selected from a predetermined subject area. You receive three alternative topics from the study programmes marketing, human resources and business information systems.
  • Please use pertinent literature (APA citation scheme). You can also find recommended literature on the CLIX platform.
  • The paper should be approximately 10 pages long (depending on design template).


The case study analysis must meet the following criteria:

  • Written analysis of a predetermined case study in accordance with IUBH guidelines.
  • The scope of the case study analysis should be approximately 5 pages long (depending on design template).


The oral presentation takes place as a video conference, for example via Skype, in front of a scientific panel. It involves presentation and discussion of the results of the research paper and case study analysis. It is approx. 30 minutes long. 

Note: As core elements of the entrance examination, successful completion of the scientific research paper and the case study analysis is a prerequisite for the colloquium. TASC is only regarded as passed if all three parts of the examination are evaluated as satisfactory or better.